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Ich bin soooo megaaaa happyyyy!!!! YEEEAAAAH!!! Ich hab endlich nen Piercing in der augenbraue. es tat gar net weh.
2.8.06 13:12


Ich schreib zurzeit an einem eigenen Music-Album. Macht total Spaß seine eigenen Songs zu lesen und zu singen. Ist total geil. Ich kann meine Gefühle und so total gut in songs ausdrücken. ich hab jetzt schon 6 songs geschrieben. Mal gucken was ich noch so schreibe.
6.8.06 17:39

My Album

01 Follower 02 Jealous 03 I get a message 04 Hot 05 Sweat 06 Wasted love 07 No way back 08 In the night 09 ´Shut your mouth 10 No father 11 Goodbye my life
7.8.06 17:28

1.Album, 2.Album im Anmarsch!

Okay mein 1.Album "No Way Back" ist jetzt fertig lol. Da mir ja in den Ferien so schrecklich langweilig ist, schreibe ich grade schon wieder an einem neuen Album lol. 2 Songs sind bis jetzt schon geschrieben. Ich lasse euch die Entscheidung wie viele Songs aufs Album kommen sollen! Also macht ein Kommentar unter meinen Eintrag und ich gucke dann was da steht, das erste was steht nehm ich dann auch. bye.
8.8.06 20:30


01 Intro 02 Back Again 03 Wasted Love 04 I Get A Message 05 Secrets Interlude 06 Secrets 07 I'm Scared 08 In The Night 09 A Walk In The Moon 10 Hot 11 Shut Your Mouth 12 Sweat Interlude 13 Sweat 14 I Live My Life Without You 15 No Way Back 16 Follower 17 Jealous 18 No Father 19 Goodbye 20 Outro

Ich habe mich entschieden nur ein Album drauszumachen.
9.8.06 16:18



Verse 1:
You let me know that you hate me. I'm wondering about what you do. You need a distance and that's heavy. I still know that I'm a fool. You showed me how much hate you have. I start crying, in my soul I laugh. You’re running out my viewpoint instead. But for you that's not enough.
Inside my mind. Feelings for you are dying. Inside my mind. My heart's starts to crying. Inside my soul. My heart is broken now. Inside my mind. I don't feel alive.
Verse 2:
The truth is that you're a faker. I start crying about this shit. You are just a fucking demonstrater. In my heart you made bad hit. No one's so terrible like your person. I said it to you in your face. Swallowing it under the yucky poison. Now the hate damming in my veins.
All I would like to say you. Is that you are a liar. How disturbing my desires. All I would like to give you. Is what you gave to me. And now I can finite free. You are creeping on the floor. You don't need something of that more. You are just crying so loud. So all feelings are coming out.
Chorus 2x
9.8.06 21:34

Hate, Jealousy And Lies


Verse 1:
You try to label me like you do it with the boys.You try to forget me and you played me like a toy.And now there's no reason to stay together.I said goodbye to you and it's forever.You know that I did all for you but you hate me.You say that I'm a fool and think I can't catch you.But now I really get enough of the shit that you said about me.When I leave you are free from me.
All the people in the world.Just listen to me.There are a few words to say.That you don't believe.And when you hear me.I cry it in the air.When you think I'm stupid I don't care.Most people of us has hate.Most of them are jealous.But it's not the same.I don't will telling lies.It's the thing that is behind the tries.To get realize.
Verse 2:
All the shit that comes out your mouth are stupid.And all what you say is so uninterested.I can be without and it's really great.In my life you can't never be the same thing.You are imaginary and you had tell so much lies.You are ordinary and your tears don't make me cry.I had so much words for you to say but there are too much.Get away I never need a touch from you.
Sorry I don't give a damn about you.Sorry I'm not interested in you.Please get away and let me alone.Pack your bag and leave my home.You are nothing as dirt for me.You aren't true to me so left me.I can't stand on your side.You aren't mine.
Chorus 2x
14.8.06 15:01

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